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My namMaGieMPe is Maartje Giesbers and I paint miniatures! I discovered this amazing hobby about 9 years ago, when I purchased a starting set from Games Workshop. I really enjoyed painting and soon become enchanted with all the beautiful works I found on the internet. That’s when I caught the painting bug and I embarked on a journey to improve. In 2012 I entered my first painting contest, at Games Workshop. That is where I met some awesome painters that were as passionate about painting as me, and soon became my friends. This is when I started discovering other miniature companies, and a whole new world opened for me! I started attending several workshops and my painting improved with every mini I painted. I am still mesmerized by the amazing art pieces I see, and I continue to learn and enjoy the process! I hope you enjoy this website and this little peek into my painting and my journey :).

I am available for commissions, but I do pick my projects carefully. If you’d like me to paint something for you, please contact me at magieminiatures@gmail.com. I also enjoy giving workshops, so if you think you can learn from me, please contact me!