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Commissions & Workshops

Currently not accepting commissions

I am available for commission work. For this I only offer my best painting
abilities, within reasonable time-frames. Have a look in my gallery to see what I can paint for you :).

not all miniatures are created equally, it is hard to establish an
exact quote for each painting project, which is why I will not present a price list here. The price I charge depends on several factors: size and complexity of the miniature, desired quality, gaming or display base, NMM or true metallics, freehands and so on. Therefore, I like to negotiate prices before I start working on a

If you are interested in commissioning me, please contact me

After a project has been
discussed, I require a deposit of a minimum of 30% of the total cost in
advance. This guarantees to both parties that a commitment has been made
and the project will proceed as planned. This deposit will not be
refunded if you are suddenly not interested anymore. I accept payment by
Paypal or Bank Transfer. After finishing the paintjob, I will send you
pictures to see if you agree with the work I have done. Work-in-progress
pictures can also be provided.

Before sending the mini to you, I will wait for the payment of the full commission to be completed.
Miniature Painting cannot be held responsible for any damage done
during shipping. I do my best to make sure the models are packed
securely and arrive undamaged. Internation shipping + packing costs an
additional €15.

am not an army painter, nor do I own an airbrush. For larger models or
for complete armies, I would suggest other painting services. You can
contact me for names.

Studio Paintjobs

thoroughly enjoy working with miniature companies and paint their
studio figures & box art. I have worked as a commission painter for Freebooter Miniatures and Ax Faction.
painting for a company I do not post any pictures online until the
company has published the official photos. Without consent, I will never
post pictures or information regarding commissions.
If you own a miniature company and you would like me to paint your studio models, please contact me at magieminiatures@gmail.com.

Workshops & courses

truly enjoy giving miniature painting workshops and courses! If you want me
to give a workshop or demo on your event, or in your shop, please send me an

For more information contact me: magieminiatures@gmail.com