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Alice in Wonderless Land (project finished)

Hi everyone!

Yes, she is finally finished!!! Today I want to share some pictures I made of my latest project “Alice in Wonderless Land”. It has been very difficult to get decent pictures, and quite honestly I am not entirely satisfied yet. But, there is not much I can do about that at the moment. In the future I hope to get some proper lights and hopefully that will allow me to make better pictures.

Here is a little story behing the piece:

I imagined an older Alice, at the end of her twenties. Her time in
Wonderland has been a long time ago, but not forgotten. And now, trapped
in this sad, wonderless, steampunk world, she is looking for a way back by brewing
potions that might make her small again to fit through the mouse hole.
Meanwhile she keeps herself sane by painting pictures of her lost
friends in Wonderland.

Some thoughts on the piece:
After finishing the pictures frames, and putting them next to Alice, I realized that the rest of the base should be very minimal, and should draw as little attention as possible but still tell the tale a little. Therefore, I decided to go with very mute, dark colours. This helps Alice and her painted comrades stand out better. I hope I managed to make it work 🙂