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Caradryan finished + WAMP review team

Hi everyone,

Now that the voting of the WAMPED contest is over, it is time to share the pictures of the finished paintjob on Caradryan.

The base is simple, because I also intend to enter it in the Lowlands competition at Games Workshop and they have strict rules for bases.
I applied a layer of gloss varnish on the gems, but because this highly affects the pictures, I did this after taking the pictures.
If you want to see more views and/or care to vote, please follow this LINK to my entry on CoolMiniOrNot.

And…secondly I have some exciting news. I have been chosen to become an official member of the WAMP review team. This means that in addition to the reviews I choose to write myself (which will be published officially on WAMP), I will be writing some invited reviews as well.
Of course, suggestions are always welcome and appreciated 🙂