Home Finished: Siegebreakers, Ax Faction Commission

Finished: Siegebreakers, Ax Faction Commission

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share my latest paintjobs :). I painted these three awesome miniatures as a studio paintjob for http://www.axfaction.com/. It was a great experience, I really enjoyed following the concept art and the sculpts by Benoit Cauchies are simply amazing!

I hope you like them :). If you care to vote on CoolMiniOrNot or Putty&Paint, please follow the links in the description, thank you!

Flavour text by Ax Faction

Rabble-rouser & Guzzler, has more grit than a stampeding buffalo.
Brig likes 4 things in life: his beloved axe, his best-friend and pipe,
answering with paw gesticulations (to save removing his pipe) and the
satisfying rumble of a collapsing wall. He collects knitted tea cosies.
Obviously. CMON Putty & Paint

The valued fighter of the Siegebreakers, given home and purpose by Ivy
after discovering the homeless sword-for-hire squirrelled away in her
farm’s hayloft! Skuld is an experienced fighter and has the ability to
tap into an inner strength that allows her to become highly skilled in
any weapon she touches. CMON Putty & Paint

And last, but not least…

The Markswoman and Tactician of Ax Faction’s Siegebreakers – strong,
proud, the assumed leader of the group – the kind of dame who knows how
to settle her goose and cook her hash! CMON Putty & Paint