Home Gallery: Sarah Kilmister (35mm) from Scale 75

Gallery: Sarah Kilmister (35mm) from Scale 75

Hi everyone!

Today I want to share the final pics of Sarah Kilmister. I haven’t been painting a lot lately as I was busy finishing my PhD thesis. But in those scarce moments when I got to handle the brushes I worked on Sarah. I really enjoyed painting this lady. Her curves are very well sculpted, making the painting a lot of fun and easier to make the skin look realistic.
If you are interested to know how I painted the skin, please go here to read my tips & tricks.

I hope you like her! 

Recently I got a few questions about why I seem to paint mostly female figures. Well, there is no particular reason, other than that I just like painting female figures. :). I just like painting the soft skin and giving some make up features to the face. I do not purposely avoid painting male minis, but so far I have yet to find one that inspires me enough to want to paint it myself.

See you soon!