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Undead Lady

Now that the results are in, I can show you my entry for the Rotten Harvest contest at Wyrd Miniatures. This mini was sculpted by Werner Klocke for his Freebooter range. I tried to create a big contrast in subject and paint style. So while the subject is creepy and dark, the mini is painted in bright and clean colours. The base is darker to complement the subject. I’m quite happy with how she turned out, it’s the first time I tried a translucent effect on black lace. I think it’s turned out OK.
Because I was running out of time for the contest, I had to rush the base a bit. This is quite obvious I would say, but considering the breakability of this mini (I still need to get myself a decent pinning devise), I am going to leave the base as it is…

I’m glad to tell you that this mini placed second in the Not Quite Dead Yet category of the contest. There are also still some general prices left, but considering some superb entries I’m not keeping my hopes up too much…

Comments are very welcome!

I would like to conclude this message with mentioning something I’m really looking forward to. In a few weeks, I will take a holiday, of 4 weeks,  that I will fill mostly with painting many minis 🙂